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How do you configure your Super hub for ‘Multiple IP’s?Select ‘Advanced Settings’. Then scroll down to “business enterprise Settings”, and then pick out “Static IP Subnet Set up” Enter the initial usable IP from the assortment you have been presented and the appropriate subnet mask… The Gateway IP address should typically be the to start with usable IP address on your sub-net checklist. A usual record could be identical to the underneath. Start Handle:- 92. 241. ten. fifteen Stop Address:- 92. 241. 10. 21. In this occasion the to start with usable IP handle will be : 92. 241. ten. sixteen (92. 241. 10. fifteen is the community address and is a non usable IP address) with a subnet mask of 255. 255. 255. 248. Should you have thirteen IP’s then the subnet mask would be 255. 255. 255. 240. These ought to be entered diligently and accurately as you may well need to have to reset the segment Subsequent, click on the “Use” button. The Super Hub is now configured and all set to use. https://what-is-my-ip.co/ How do you configure your laptop or computer to use the recently configured Tremendous Hub?To configure your computer system to use recently configured Tremendous Hub you will require to comply with the underneath configurations. Right click on the connection icon in the base proper corner of your monitor. Still left click on “Open up community Connections”.

Suitable simply click on Community Space Relationship and Decide on “Homes”. Track down and pick out World-wide-web Protocol (TCP/IP), Simply click on “Qualities”.

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This will open up the IP address, Subnet mask and Default gateway packing containers. Select “Obtain an IP deal with immediately (This will obvious the packing containers) Re-select “Use the pursuing IP deal with” This will open the IP deal with, Subnet mask and Default gateway boxes. In the IP deal with bins enter the next IP within your variety In the subnet mask containers enter the subnet mask attributed to your IP variety (as established in Super Hub) Established the default gateway with the first usable IP in your range as formerly established in the Tremendous Hub.

At this stage you may perhaps want to enter the DNS options for the link. Primary DNS: – 194. 168. four. 123 Secondary DNS: – 194. 168. eight. 123. Click “Ok” on each individual page until eventually you are back to the desktop screen. To take a look at the connection, open an world wide web browser and decide on a webpage of your selection. The DNS setting can be made use of in just your community must you will need to. If you are employing an Apple Macintosh you will need to have to go to “Apple” prime left corner of your monitor, find “method preferences” from the menu and then select the “Networks” Icon and move forward to configure as previously mentioned. How do you safeguard your established-up?Back-up/Restore When you have configured your Tremendous Hub it is highly suggested that you get a file back again-up duplicate of the settings. This duplicate can then be restored if you need to do a ‘factory reset’ of the Super Hub at any issue. To do this,select the ‘Back-up/Restore’ possibility from the ‘GUI Innovative Settings’ spot. You will obtain this underneath the ‘Device Management’ Heading’. Click on the again-up button and you will be questioned for a spot to preserve the file on your Laptop.

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By default this file will be named ‘Settings. cfg’ but you can improve this in the ‘Save Dialogue’ choice. You can restore a saved configuration by selecting the ‘Browse’ button select the file locale and name into the box presented and selecting the ‘Restore’ button.